Can-C™ eye-drops are the original brand, the only tested, approved and patented by the researchers IVP- proven to be able to safely reverse senile cataract

This website is designed to bring you accurate and correct information about carnosine (specifically n-acetylcarnosine) and how it can aid to support vision. Learn how the unique N-acetylcarnosine in Can-C eye-drops works, how it can improve failing eye-sight and why quality, efficacy and safety can only be guaranteed by IVP- the researchers and patent holders of this technology.


Can-C eye-drops: A breakthrough in the treatment of age related eye disorders

Note: This website is dedicated to the official information, approved and vetted by the inventors and patent holders (Innovative Vision Products), of a remarkable new eye-drop technology that has proven (for the first time), that a natural eye-drop can reverse conditions such as senile cataract. This information has been made collated by a group of professionals, who between them have the following specialties: Medical Doctor, Biophysicist, Pharmacologist, Nutritionalist, Biochemist, Gerontologist and Biologist. We are grateful to Mark Babizhayev Ph.D., Marios Kyriazis, M.D., Phil Micans Pharm.B. and Robert Mason Ph.D., for all their help and assistance in making this information possible.