How do I get assured quality and safety?

Can-C™ eye-drops are made to exacting eye-drop pharmaceutical standards in licensed cGMP facilities.

With the correct material and formula, in human clinical trials, there have been no reported serious side effects or contraindications with Can-C even when used everyday for up-to 2-years.

The organization that has driven the research and has all the expertise with regard to the clinical application of N-acetylcarnosine is: Innovative Vision Products, (IVP). (

IVP was founded by the principle researcher of carnosine from the Helmholtz Eye Institute in Moscow- Dr. Mark Babizhayev. He has more than 20 years of experience of researching N-acetylcarnosine in-vitro, with animals and with humans.

Dr. Babizayev wants to make it clear that a particular and special kind of purity of N-acetylcarnosine was used in the trials, and that this purity remains proprietary and is the one used in Can-C. Many different purities of raw material were tested, along with differing formulas, only a specific mixture was found to be efficacious and safe, and that was the one used in the human trials.

Dr. Babizayev has become so concerned that others are trying to copy his invention, quoting his name and research but not adhering to the correct materials, formula and procedures that he has issued a statement.

Important announcement from the chief scientist who has researched carnosines for the past 10-years and conducted the clinical trials. You must be careful what you use in your eyes! Read this first! Letter of IVP

The easiest way to ensure quality and safety, is to ask before buying any eye-drops that contain N-acetylcarnosine, if they are “Approved by Innovative Vision Products?” This statement must also be on the label. If it is- then you can be assured that the material and formula is of the correct type and purity that obtained the long-term efficacy and safety as per the published trials.

In other words, an IVP approved N-acetylcarnosine eye-drop, such as Can-C, gives you the best chance of getting the same beneficial and safe results for yourself.

Don’t gamble with your eyes, always insist on purchasing an official, IVP approved eye-drop.