How do I store Can-C™?

Unopened bottles of Can-C™ can be stored at room temperature providing they are kept dry and out of light. Note: We don’t use potent preservatives so Can-C™ bottles are solid in color to prevent light from damaging the contents.

For more on the ingredients in Can-C please see “what is in Can-C?”

Unopened bottles have a shelf life of up to 2-years from the date of manufacture; please see your label for precise details.

Once a bottle is opened we recommend it is stored in the door of a fridge. Keep the product cool- but do not allow it to freeze. Frozen liquid could damage the product making it ineffective.

Once a bottle has been opened, even when it is stored in a fridge- we recommend that it is discarded within 4-weeks.

Remember to keep all products out of the reach of children.