What about side effects and contraindications?

As with all products, there are potential side effects and contraindications, although very few to date have been reported with Can-C™.


Stinging is a very rare side effect with Can-C because it is formulated to a Ph of 6.8. This Ph is normal for the average person.

Rarely there are some individuals (either because of medical condition or because of their particular diet), may have a more acidic or alkaline balance in their body. If out of kilter with the norm, this can provoke a stinging reaction.

This stinging is normally mild and can often dissipate with continued use, but naturally this reaction is very personal and if it is too uncomfortable then Can-C use should be stopped. Naturally the effect can be lessened by applying cold water carefully to the eye, but this will also wash away the Can-C drops too.

Contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, the lenses should be removed first and the eyes carefully washed with cold water. This will help remove any lactic acid, which if left present in the eye may also cause a stinging reaction. Once the contact lenses are removed the Can-C drops can be applied, try to wait at least 15-minutes before placing the contact lenses back into the eye as normal.


Although no serious contraindications have been noted to date, as is typical with all new products, Can-C has not been tested alongside all eye medications. Therefore if you are applying other prescription eye-drop medications, we recommend that you are under the guidance of your ophthalmic physician if you mean to use Can-C concurrently with your existing medication.