Where can I read Can-C™ eye drop testimonials?

“I used Can-C for 4-months with amazing results. My vision in my left eye improved from 20/40 to 20/25 and upon renewal of my driving license, the eye glass restriction was eliminated! With less glare and near perfect vision I now drive in the evenings and early morning without glasses, much as I did in my youth 30-years ago! Since birth, my right eye could only identify the big “E” on the eye chart. After 4-months of Can-C treatment, I can now read the 3rd line on the eye chart. Truly amazing to be nearly blind in my right eye for 60-years and now regain some sight!”

Dr. R.L.

“I have received the four boxes of Can-C and only used them for four days as I write this at one drop/ day in the left eye, my “problem” eye. I felt immediate relief the very first day of using the drops, it was uncanny. Then I thought, maybe it was all mental, that I wanted them to work for me. So at the fourth day it is difficult to tell you how much better the eye feels now. I was having extreme sensitivity to sunlight in the left eye, now it hardly bothers me. The eye had been feeling “swollen” and it was difficult for me to look upward, I had to lower my head back to look up at anything. All this appears to be disappearing. Before I started with the Can-C, I went to see an Ophthalmologist. I was given a complete examination for cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma, and he saw a slight beginning of a cataract and macular degeneration, the glaucoma was not mentioned. This doctor did absolutely nothing for the actual problem I went in for, simply told me to use a warm, moist compress on that left eye for 15 minutes, twice a day, but it did no good. I worked all my years as a research biochemist for a leading pharmaceutical company, so I am familiar with the medical terms and do know that the acetyl radical does take the carnosine through the membranes. I am very excited about these drops, thank you so much for these drops, you cannot imagine how much my well being has changed since using them, my left eye problem had simply consumed me completely, I found myself snapping and being rude to my closest of friends all because of that most uncomfortable eye problem. Thanks so much.”

R. S.

“I started using the Can-C eye drops and found that it started to clear the cataract but stopped. I chose a cheaper brand that was not approved by IVP. This actually has made the cataract worse! Then I read Dr. Babizhayev’s statement about the dangers from the imitators- which I have shown to be the case. I shall be back to the Can-C as soon as possible.”


“I have used Can-C Eye Drops at a rate of aprox.2 drops /day in each eye since April 22 to date (July 31). I was suffering from Brunescent Cataracts and unrecognized Night Blindness in both eyes.

1. My night vision has returned, and I again feel safe driving at night. The halo around bright lights is very much diminished, some small “sparkles” remain, but do not present any problem for me.

2. I have found no negative side-effects.

3. My vision has improved by approximately “2 chart lines”, and I can again read highway signs without glasses.


“I have purchased Can-C for my mother who has senile cataracts. Anecdotal reporting from her after a few months is that she feels she can see better.”


“Most of my patients are using Can-C as a prevention, some started it as a cure for the beginning of cataracts. Keep up the good work.”

Dr. D.K

“For several years I have suffered from Uveitis and Macula Odema in one eye. The Macula Odema has settled but the Uveitis is only controlled with Corticosteroid eye drops. I tried to gradually reduce the corticosteroid drops and replace them with the carnosine, but this was not entirely successful and after a visit to the Specialist I am back using the corticosteroid drops. I didn’t know whether it would be of any value to use both at the same time. What the Can-C did do was reduce the pressure and as both my parents had glaucoma I am very conscious of the need to keep the pressure down. So I may need to use the Can-C for that in the future and of course I realize that extended use of the steroid drops can cause cataracts.”


I have used your Can-C drops for 3 or 4 months and have noticed clearer vision. I stopped using the drops and my vision became fuzzy again. So I restarted the drops about two weeks ago. I will continue to use them and plan to reorder when necessary. The results were good, but know that I need to use them on an ongoing basis. Thank you”


I have been using Can-C for about three months now and have noticed a slight improvement in my vision. Also I am not waking in the mornings with gummed up and watery eyes as was the case previously. I should know more after my next eye examination.”


“I have been taking the Can-C eye-drops since last February of this year. I had my vision checked on April 2. My vision has improved four (4) times and my lens is clearing. I get my vision checked again in July. I will keep you informed of my progress. Can-C drops have been a godsend to me, thank you.”


“I just wanted you to know that the improvement in my vision is amazing. I had gotten to the point where I could no longer drive due to haziness from my cataracts, and now I feel very secure and am able to see almost as well as before my cataracts were diagnosed- also I have not noticed any kind of side effects. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am and that I am definitely recommending Can-C eye-drops to all my friends with similar problems! If you need me for any referrals or statistics I would be happy to help! Please keep on with the great work!”


“I’ve been using Can-C for a month and I’ve noticed an improvement in my vision, particularly less glare, I intend to keep using it and let you know the results, many thanks.”


“I want to tell you about my experiences with the special Can-C eye-drops. At first I didn’t think there were any real differences, but I persisted in using the drops twice a day in the affected eye. Now after about 3-months I believe that there are significant changes to my vision, it’s been a fairly gradual thing, which may explain why I didn’t appreciate any changes early on, but now it’s obvious to me that my eyesight has improved. The changes are slower than I anticipated, but I for one am sold on the drops!”


“The Can-C eye-drops has given improvement to my mother’s eyesight over the past 3 weeks. It is certainly amazing.”


“As a medical doctor, at first I was dubious of such a breakthrough, but I assisted my mother-in-law with the application, the results have been so impressive I am now contacting you with a view to a wholesale enquiry.”

Dr. D.S.

“My ophthalmic physician wants to know what I have been doing, he hasn’t seen anything like it before in 20-years of assisting people with cataracts!”


“Congratulations, these eye-drops are the real McCoy, they’re great!”


“I took some other drops for 4-months that did nothing. I’ve only been taking Can-C eye-drops for 4-weeks and can already see the difference.”


“I can’t express the delight I feel at having to avoid surgery, your eye-drops have given me great hope for the future.”